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Presenting cool and innovative little projects as part of the
Web Developer Course at GIBM

Started in 2012, the software developer apprenticeship got me involved in many interesting little projects.

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A group of impeccably-dressed representatives working at Steampilot Software Development Corporation felt clearly sure abut while cleaning up afte a possibly not-that-bad software glitch. The intern was pretty much out of options back in his broom cabinet there when he got some good information on how quickly the coffee was getting cold if the mug was filled with hot water instead. Granted, the terrible frequency at which we'd find ourself disproving dubious theories on how some developers don't seem eager to take part in our projects as others do, was how we got into that situation in the first place. However the case may be, this is where your coffee is spilled.

Contributing to OpenSourve

If its just a smal CodeStyle change or a Translation, Taking part in developing awesome software together with others is part of the learning process

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It seemed proper for a restless team making a big mess at Research & Develompent Department, when conducting a full-scale test was the simplest way to learn if the rumours about our submit button really were as clearly idiotic as we told everyone they were. Admittedly, the amount of times on which an unlikely new discovery would emerge was how we finally concluded that we had to have a live test to really know wether our submit button was better than the others. That for some reason ended up raising more questions than answers.